A superb violin by MICHELE DECONET Venice, c. 1760

One of the most important late period masters of the Venetian School, not much is known about Michele Deconet’s life. Born in Kehl, near Strasbourg, he was a soldier in the French army and then for many years traveled extensively in his work as a professional violinist before settling down in Venice and becoming an instrument maker.

It is thought that Deconet studied violin making with the great Pietro Guarneri of Venice. Even though the influence of Montagnana and Serafin can also be seen in his work, he has his own distinctive style.

The maker’s work is held in the highest regard for his use of outstanding wood and varnish, as can be seen is this exceptional example, with its beautifully flamed two-piece maple back.

This Deconet violin has great power and a tone that is rich, nuanced, complex, and balanced that would serve an artist for a lifetime.

Photo: Matthew Tolzmann