President and Co-Founder

When Bein & Fushi was launched in 1976, there were three founding partners: Robert Bein, Geoffrey Fushi, and Jean Fushi, Geoffrey’s wife. Jean has been the sole owner of the firm since 2012. Working tirelessly behind the scenes through the years, she expertly guided Bein & Fushi’s finances and operations and has provided the solid foundation for all that the firm has achieved. Jean worked diligently with Robert and Geoff to set Bein & Fushi’s strategy and policy with the guiding principal: deliver what is promised. Through the untimely and difficult loss of both partners, she held the company together by building a solid team.

Jean thinks of the staff of Bein & Fushi as her second family. She is delighted that her son Alec and daughter Suzanne are also part of the company: Al is a salesman and Suzanne is the Executive Director of The Stradivari Society. And she is gratified that the children, and now, grandchildren of longtime customers are also relying on Bein & Fushi for their instruments and bows. Jean is especially proud that the staff has continued to uphold and expand on that guiding principal.

“When Geoff, Robert, and I founded Bein & Fushi, we started with nothing and set what we considered almost impossibly high standards and goals to achieve for our first decade. That we flew past all of those targets within four years told us that we should never back down from setting ever more challenging goals and even higher standards of excellence. And we haven’t. I’m so proud of all that we’ve accomplished and all that we’re continuing to achieve.”

— Jean Fushi