Joseph Bein
Sr. Sales Executive, Global Sales

Joe Bein’s path to the family business began during his high school years when he started accompanying his father, the late Robert Bein, on business trips to auctions in Boston. Robert began training Joe in the study of instruments and how to conduct business in a personal and professional manner. Joe was already very interested in sales and enjoyed travel and language. He is conversant in both Italian and Spanish. He received his Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Drake University and spent a semester abroad in Florence. After getting to know some of his father’s associates on the Boston trips, Joe became enthralled by the violin business. He knew the direction his career would take. Robert was delighted with the decision. “I was very fortunate to be able to see my father on such a regular basis. It was fun coming to work. My dad was my boss, my parent, and my friend,” said Joe. “Being able to make Dad proud and helping the family business was wonderful.” Joe is especially proud that he has been able to continue relationships with his father’s clients, and in some cases, their children who have also entered the music world.

After working at the firm during the summer when he was in college, Joe began his career as a Bein & Fushi salesman in 2001. He has enjoyed learning and growing in his years with the firm and has become the firm’s principal historian and archival researcher responsible for accurately determining an instrument’s correct provenance. He also has lectured for The Stradivari Society in Chicago at Bein & Fushi and the Casino Club as well as in Poland for a commemorative concert there last year featuring the “Wieniawski” Guarneri del Gesù violin, Cremona, c. 1742, one of the instruments in the Society’s collection. Joe has attended important violin exhibitions, including the 1994 Guarneri del Gesù exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, the “Carlo Bergonzi, A Cremonese Master Unveiled” exhibition held in Cremona in 2010, and the landmark “Stradivarius” exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in London last summer.

Joe lives in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and three children. He is an accomplished cook and an avid Cubs fan. When not at Bein & Fushi, Joe can often be found at Wrigley Field during the baseball season. To contact Joe, click here.

“I have extensive experience in gauging people’s interests, playing styles, and finding a great match for them. I have developed terrific relationships with people in the business—both artists and colleagues—and have so much respect for both the business and the art. I am exceedingly proud to be a small component of so many successful musician friends’ careers. I look forward to helping them acquire the instruments they’ll need throughout their careers”

— Joseph Bein