Matthew Tolzmann
Photographer, Designer

As the photographer for Bein and Fushi since 2000, Matthew Tolzmann has photographed some of the world’s most treasured violins, violas, cellos and bows. Having photographed well over 5,000 instruments and bows including one hundred Stradivaris, more than one third of all known Guarneri del Gesùs, and the finest Tourte and Peccatte bows in existence, Matthew’s work can be seen the world over in dozens of books and magazines in addition to myriad Bein & Fushi publications.

Shortly after being hired as a graphic artist, the opportunity arose and Matthew started photographing violins. Early on he worked closely with Robert Bein to create photographs to satisfy the great expert’s eye. After years of dedicated work, Mr. Bein regarded Matthew’s violin photography as “unsurpassed.”

“The elimination of glare and shadow is not the goal, but rather a by-product of the desire to create the most useful and comprehensive fine stringed instrument image archive in the world.”

— Matthew Tolzmann

Matthew holds a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition from the University of Northern Colorado where he also studied trombone under the great pedagogue, Buddy Baker. He plays trombone, drums, and keyboards and writes, performs, and records music in the Chicago area where he lives with his wife, Andrea, a professional violinist, and his two children. He thanks Geoff and Jean Fushi and Robert Bein for this uncommon, privileged, and uniquely interesting career.