An exceptional violin by ALESSANDRO GAGLIANO Naples, c. 1710-20

Alessandro Gagliano produced violins with extraordinary playing qualities that still make them some of the most highly desirable concert instruments today. Gagliano was the first known Neopolitan maker. He became the patriarch of the illustrious family dynasty which lasted until the mid-19th century. Gagliano began his work in Naples around 1700 and soon achieved recognition as a leading maker. We have been privileged to handle several of the most outstanding violins crafted by Alessandro Gagliano, including this remarkable example and that of c. 1706 currently on loan through The Stradivari Society to the brilliant violinist Elena Urioste thanks to her generous patron Dr. Charles E. King. While it is not certain where or with whom Gagliano received his training, he created his own models and developed a distinctive style. His finest instruments, including this superb example, have remarkable character, marvelous tonal qualities, and abundant power with a beautiful, deep-red varnish. This violin was once the primary instrument of the renowned soloist Tamaki Kawakubo. We look forward to placing this outstanding Gagliano violin with another accomplished artist or savvy collector.

Photo: Matthew Tolzmann