A fine cello by VINCENZO POSTIGLIONE Naples, 1893
Ofra Harnoy

Vincenzo Postiglione (1835-1916) is considered the most influential maker of the modern Neapolitan school.  His work is representative of the oldest of the modern Italian makers.  His early career was influenced by the workshop of the prolific Gagliano family.  An extremely productive maker, he made approximately 400 violins. It is, however, his cellos which are sought after throughout the world.

This exceptional example we are offering has a beautiful two-piece quarter cut back as well as equally beautiful, flamed ribs.  The varnish is a rich and flexible amber color.  The instrument has great depth and quality throughout all registers.  This Postiglione has a powerful soloistic projection that has been tested in concert halls around the world as performed by the great concert cellist Ofra Harnoy.

Ofra Harnoy’s long lost recording of the Elgar and Lala Cello Concertos features the fine Postiglione we are offering here and a performance described by The Strad as, “All the Harnoy hallmarks – warm, mellow tone, naturally lyrical phrasing and impressive technique… a moving performance.”

Ofra Harnoy and the Postiglione were immortalized in the book, “Curtin Call: A Photographer’s Candid View of 25 Years of Music in Canada”, a book featuring great artists of the 20th Century in Canada by Walter Curtin.

Photo: Matthew Tolzmann