A magnificent violin bow by DOMINIQUE PECCATTE (1810-1874)
Weight: 61 grams

This stunning gold and tortoiseshell Peccatte violin bow is named for a previous owner, the Croatian virtuoso Zlatko Baloković (1895-1965), who was also known for his acquisitions of many superb antique violins and bows over the course of his career. One of the bow’s most recent owners was the late Dr. Ephraim Engleman, a pioneering rheumatologist at the University of California, San Francisco, violinist, and one of the foremost American collectors, who acquired the “Baloković” from Bein & Fushi.

Elegant in both its craft and its playing, this Peccatte bow has a seemingly unlimited palette of rich color, nuance, depth, strength, and stylistic refinement. With its striking, all-original mounts of gold and beautifully-translucent tortoiseshell and handsome engraved “DP” on the ferrule, this bow would be a superb musical partner capable of the full range of concert repertoire or a jewel in any collection.

Photo: Matthew Tolzmann