An exceptional viola bow by ÉTIENNE PAJEOT (1791-1849) Mirecourt
Weight: 67.3 grams

Bows by Étienne Pajeot are coveted by professional musicians and esteemed collectors for their great playing characteristics, handsome appearance, exceptional craftsmanship, and superb choice of wood. This extraordinary all-original example is of museum caliber and one of the most outstanding examples by this maker we have seen. Like so many born into the family business, Pajeot learned his craft at a young age from his father, Louis Simon Pajeot. Étienne’s workshop was highly successful, and he employed some of the most accomplished makers of the period, including Claude Joseph Fonclause and Nicolas Maire. Pajeot was also an innovator who developed several new techniques in bow construction that have had a lasting influence. This beautiful Pajeot bow commands great ease in playing and belongs in the hands of the most discerning violist or collector.

Photo: Matthew Tolzmann