A superb violin by PIETRO GIACOMO ROGERI Brescia, c. 1720

Pietro Giacomo is the son of the great maker Giovanni Battista Rogeri. The family was originally from Cremona, where Giovanni Battista served his apprenticeship with Nicolò Amati. The Rogeris relocated to Brescia around 1675, when Pietro was about five. It is at this time that Giovanni Battista began to successfully combine elements of the Cremonese and Brescian styles of making. Pietro began assisting his father around 1690. Among Pietro’s hallmarks are his fine craftsmanship, which also blends Cremonese and Brescian attributes, and the use of excellent wood for his most outstanding instruments, as can be seen in this handsome example with its beautifully-flamed, one-piece maple back. Pietro’s work has grown in appreciation over the years and tonally is recognized as comparable to the best of the Amatis. This broad, robust, all-original Rogeri violin has the exceptional range of nuance and color with powerful projection that makes it ideal for a concertmaster or soloist.

Photo: Matthew Tolzmann